The day after “The Big Day”

As told by Gordon, your on-the-spot reporter…

As so it came to pass, the Big Day came and went.

Bronwyn has undergone her surgery to bypass her cerebral aneurism. It took 12 hours between entering the theatre suite at 7.30am, and arriving in Intensive Care at 7.30pm Thursday. A very big day.

I spent an hour with Bronwyn from between 8.30 and 9.30 pm yesterday, but she hadn’t recovered from the anaesthetic at that point, and was therefore pretty much out of it.

I phoned the hospital at 7am this morning, Friday, and spoke to the nurse who had looked after Bronwyn overnight. The nurse reported that all was well and that Bronwyn was “stable”.

The highlights of today were that this morning’s CT scan confirmed that all had gone well with the surgery and that there was no internal bleeding, and the blessed relief that Bronwyn got this afternoon when the staff removed the ventilator tube that was causing much discomfort passing through her mouth and throat.

Bronwyn’s still in some pain from the various incisions: one in her right leg where a vein was removed to be used for the bypass, and the incision from the base of her neck, above the right collarbone, up onto the top of her skull where the vein was inserted and where the skull was opened up to gain access to graft the vein to the artery to bypass the aneurism.

It all sounds a bit gory, but you have to admire the handiwork of the surgeons. Bronwyn jokingly asked the surgeon this evening what type of stitching he’d used but the surgeon, being a serious chap, gave her a professional answer (though I don’t recall exactly what he said).

So, in short, it’s looking good. I’ll post more news in a day or so.

11 thoughts on “The day after “The Big Day”

  1. It’s great to hear the the surgery went well and that Bronwyn’s recovery is on track. Please pass on best wishes from us all – we’re thinking of her and looking forward to future installments on the road to recovery.

    Alison and Sylvia

  2. Thank you so much for posting Gordon
    I am so so happy that all has gone well.
    Wishing Bronwyn a speedy recovery give her a hug for me and take care yourself


  3. Thank you for keeping us all up to date Gordon, it must have been a massive day, I hope you’re taking care of yourself as well, sometimes its almost harder for the loved ones waiting on news! Love ya Bron and we’re all wishing you a speedy recovery and cant wait to see you back on your feet again soon.
    Karly and all the 4 points gang. xxx

  4. Thank you for that very positive update on Bronwyn’s surgery, Gordon. I am so pleased it all went well for her. I hope she will soon feel much, much better and the pain will be gone. Please pass on my love and best wishes. xx

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