Upwards, and onwards

All the latest news on the Bronwyn front. As reported by Gordon.

Bronwyn’s big step today was to be discharged from the Intensive Care Unit, and to be moved upstairs to the Neuro ward.

But before that, I tried my hand at being hair stylist. Bronwyn had had various parts of her scalp shaved such that sensors could be attached during the surgery last Thursday. The theatre staff, not worrying too much about such things, had left those clumps of shaved hair in situ to mat and felt into a messy tangle. I had said that she now looked like Londo Mollari from the Babylon 5 TV series:
She agreed.

I had a go at untangling said mass. Unfortunately this caused some pain as I pulled and tweaked, so I was only allowed to do one side of the scalp.

Then the time came to move upstairs some five levels in the hospital. Bronwyn was wheelchaired away (a lesser form of being whisked away) and then established in her new abode.

Later in the afternoon, her sister Andrea finished untangling the other side of her scalp so it now looks less Londo-like.

Bronwyn’s now beginning to get back online so you might see her appear in emails, or tweets, or blog comments, or even blogging.

We have no idea, as yet, as to how long Bronwyn might be kept in the hospital. I guess the correct answer is that she’ll be there until “they” decide she can go home. It also remains to be seen where she’ll go. Bronwyn now has an air pocket sealed into her skull. Altitude changes will cause issues due to pressure changes. She’s currently barred from flying, and we need to determine whether Armidale, being over 1000m (3300 feet) above sea level, is initially too high an altitude – I
wouldn’t expect so, but we need to check.

That’s it – bye for now.

5 thoughts on “Upwards, and onwards

  1. Whoo Hoo this is great news I am so glad that she is now in a ward and on the mend and that her hair is looking better. Hopefully she will be able to get home soon. Hugs to you both

    Have Fun

  2. Great News !!!!
    Its wonderful of you to keep us posted on her recovery… Thank You so much!!

    A Hubby that is such a good writer and also a hairstylist!!! Brovo!!!!!…..How Good is that!!! 🙂


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