Work, work… and a little play

I’ve been working full-time at the university since the beginning of semester, and it is keeping me very busy. I’m teaching an undergraduate course on Digital Media, and as it hasn’t been properly revised for some time, I’m writing it as I teach it. Two-thirds of our students are off-campus students, studying online, so in addition to a combined lecture/tutorial for the on-campus students, I have to prepare teaching material for the external students as well, and interact with them online. So, although I’ve been online a lot, it hasn’t been around here, or on Twitter or Facebook very much at all.

There’s time for a little bit of play, though – walking the dogs in the autumn evenings, a few rows of knitting here and there, a day trip to Tamworth last Saturday with Gordon, and I’m looking forward to the Australian Romance Readers Convention in Sydney, the weekend after next.

ARRC2011 logo

I’ll be on a couple of panels during the weekend, and attending the evening events and the booksigning – ARRA are doing a fantastic job with the organisation, and it’s going to be a great weekend!

And still talking about playing, during my lunchbreak today, I had made a short, simple animation at Just a bit of fun – an introduction to romantic suspense:

Now, off for something else enjoyable – G’s making poached eggs on my wholemeal sourdough toast for dinner!

2 thoughts on “Work, work… and a little play

  1. “That means dead bodies and kissing, right?”
    “Yes, but not at the same time. That’s another fiction genre altogether.”

    *giggling* Indeed!

  2. Oh Bronwyn you are amazing. Back working full time so soon after surgery. Please remember to be kind to yourself – as the stewardess tells us on the flight “attend to yourself first then look after others”
    Take care. I am looking forward to the new book.

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