There’s a family of local kangaroos who often graze close to our sunroom windows – a big buck, a female with a tiny joey in her pouch, and a very curious adolescent:

Young kangaroo

They’re quite wild, so I have to be quite still and reach for the camera slowly and carefully – any sudden movements and they bound away. Hence the photo taken across the sewing table!

Here’s Mum, and you can just see her joey peeking out to nibble some leaves:

Kangaroo and joey

Yes, I know, I have a very tough life, trying to write with views like this just outside my window!


2 thoughts on “Curiosity

    • As well as the kangaroos, there are fairy wrens that flit around in the bushes just outside the window, and the little males with their lovely blue feathers who delight in tapping on the window – it’s amazing that I get any work done! Fortunately, they’re all quiet in the middle of the day, and after dark (which is when the possum sometimes wanders past…)

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