One of the things that I couldn’t do much of, while I had an unexploded aneurism in my head, was getting out and about in the bush. Not that I’ve ever been a super-energetic bushwalker, but I do enjoy short walks and seeing the country more than a short distance from a road or carpark! But now that the aneurism’s gone, I can venture further, without stressing about a cerebral bomb exploding.

Yesterday Gordon and I took a day trip to Kings Plains National Park, about 50 kms from Inverell. We walked – or rather, rock-hopped! – along Kings Plains Creek, to where it falls in a series of small waterfalls down through a gorge. Not a long walk, really, only a couple of kilometres all up, but it felt good to be out and about again. Here’s evidence:

Kings Plains National Park

I need to regain some fitness and lose some weight, but that will come in time. I definitely feel that hopping over all those rocks and stones marks something of a milestone in my recovery!

More pics from the trip will come when I’ve been through my photos.

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  1. Bushwalking, or at least escaping to the outdoors and wild open spaces, is so good for the soul! Well done! Looks like a very interesting place to explore.

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