A little visitor

We hadn’t planned to get another dog so soon. Tansy is lonely without her sister, but we were going to wait a little, see how we all settle.

But you know how it goes…. the father of a colleague of Gordon’s breeds Border Collies. We’d resisted getting one of his puppies a month or two back, because we still had two then, and didn’t know how a little puppy would go, especially with Jaffa and her seizures. But today at work, the friend told Gordon that his Dad has a 7 month-old dog, who was being held for someone else, who unfortunately now can’t take her…

The ‘I’ll bring in some photos’ quickly became ‘I’ll bring in the dog for a trial visit so you can see how she gets on with you all”…

.. and so Skye came home with Gordon tonight for a ‘visit’:

Skye, our 'visiting' Border Collie puppie, tucked under Gordon's arm with Tansy getting pats

Skye is on the left, cuddling up to Gordon, somewhat overwhelmed by all the new things.

4 thoughts on “A little visitor

  1. They’re still getting used to each other, Helene, so they’re a bit wary yet. Skye is pretty overwhelmed with all the new things, so she spent a fair amount of the evening under the table at my feet. We’ve just put them both out into the dog run – fingers crossed there’ll be no dramas tonight!

    • Thanks for the hugs, Azteclady. We do miss our sweet Jaffa, and I guess our hearts will ache for a while, but Skye is delightful and keeping us busy! She’s a lovely little dog, and has won our hearts – although Tansy still is getting used to her. She loves company, and snuggles (Tansy’s not so much into canine snuggles, but Sky hasn’t given up trying!) and she’s inquisitive and a quick learner. It’s like having a very bright toddler in the house – full speed ahead much of the day, but fortunately she does have some nice long sleeps! She quite likes having a ‘blankie’ over her – must be the snuggly feeling – so right now she’s lying beside me, snoozling, wrapped in an old towel – very cute!

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