ARRA/ARS Giveaway & Sampler

Fellow writers Helene Young, Sandy Curtis and I have a new(ish) joint website to promote Australian Romantic Suspense. And to celebrate Christmas and the new website, we’re hosting a giveaway in conjunction with the Australian Romance Readers Association, for ARRA members. So, if you’re a member of ARRA, hop on over to the Australian Romantic Suspense website for details of the giveaway – you could win a bundle of signed books containing Dark Country from me, Helene’s Shattered Sky, and Sandy’s Fatal Flaw. But entries close tomorrow night, so hurry!

(If you’re not yet a member of ARRA, do consider joining! ARRA is a great organisation, and the $20 membership fee comes with a heap of benefits, including an informative and entertaining newsletter every month, member get-togethers, a readers’ convention every 2 years, and much more.)

Helene, Sandy and I have also put together a sampler – the first chapters from 6 of our books, so that you can get a taste, all in one place, of our writing. You can read the chapters on the web at the ARS website, or if you prefer, you can also download it here for your e-reader, as an .epub file, or a .mobi file (suitable for Kindles). We hope you enjoy sampling our work!