Here’s proof…

… proof pages for Dead Heat, that is! This is the final stage in the book preparation – the proof pages of the book, and the very last chance to make any changes:
Proof pages for Dead Heat

There wasn’t a lot of time between copy edits going in on the 9th January, and the proof pages arriving, but I did have time to have lunch with my friend Gemma, a local police sergeant who’s given very helpful procedural advice for each of my books:
Gemma and I

Today I had lunch with Emily, my National Park ranger friend, who’s also been a fantastic help for Dead Heat – but I didn’t get a photo of her, this time.

Now it’s head down time, concentrating on getting the proof pages done so they can be mailed on Monday morning! The rest of the ‘family’, however, are having a much more relaxing time…
Skye the puppy sleeping upside down

…. except for when they’re watching out for wildlife…
Dogs watching at the window

… but they didn’t see these two visitors:

Kangaroo and joey

I’ll be back to more regular blogging next week, after those proof pages are on their way back to Sydney!

7 thoughts on “Here’s proof…

  1. Sniff, sniff, just a little nostalgic for hardcopy edits… I’m now using track-changes and I miss those little squiggles on the pages…

    But, on a happy note – Dead Heat will soon be out on shelves everywhere! Yay – champagne time again, Bron!!

    • Helene, we did track changes on screen for everything until this very last stage – and even though I’m mostly a screen-type, it’s nice to see how it will look on the printed page!

  2. I clicked on the Dead Heat picture and am desperately looking for the “next page” button. Page Down doesn’t work either. I even checked the back of the screen in case it was printed double sided. How frustrating!

  3. Oh Bron – how fabulous… can’t wait for this – have added it to my diary notifications! LOVE the piccies!!!

    Amanda x

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