Dogs gone wild…

I must have wandered away from the computer, because next thing I know, the dogs have been posting over at the lovely LoveCats DownUnder blog. They’re even giving away a copy of Dead Heat to the person who comes up with the best caption for a funny photo of Skye and posts it over there. So pop on over there for a little light-hearted fun with my two cheeky Border Collies!

One thought on “Dogs gone wild…

  1. Aw. No. No, don’t.
    Don’t look back to that boxy thing and click away. You’re always click-clicking inside. But outside? Don’t you need to plug it in?
    Aw. How could you? Not when you have dishy me to give a back rub.
    No, no, don’t! Look at me, look at me.
    All right, then. Look at the Sqwamf.

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