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I’m not the world’s most  regular blogger, I know, but at present I’m concentrating on a) earning a living and b) writing a book – and I’m sure most of my readers would prefer me to prioritise book-writing over blog-writing!

So, no thoughtful or newsy post from me today! However, I here’s a couple of links that writers might well find interesting:

First up, a post from the lovely Joanna Bourne, who writes fantastic historical romances set in France and England in the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Joanna also writes great blog posts about writing, with a wealth of information and sensible guidance. The other day, she posted about writing fight scenes, and how it’s not about writing eight minutes of fight action… ‘I’m trying to tell ‘story’ with this fight action. Story leads up to the fight, lies inside it, and continues afterwards….’ Read more at her Technical Topics – Fight Scenes post 

Second up, if you’ve ever struggled to write a love scene – or even struggled to read one! – Anais Nin wrote some thoughtful and passionate words about writing about sex in a letter from the 1940s: ‘You have taught us more than anyone I know how wrong it is not to mix it with emotion, hunger, desire, lust, whims, caprices, personal ties, deeper relationships which change its color, flavor, rhythms, intensities.’ Read more of her wisdom at Letters of Note – Sex does not Thrive on Monotony.

Okay, now I’m going to write some more words before bedtime!


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  1. I read Dark Country as we headed along the Oodnadatta track (actually only read when we stopped ) being there and having been up through the middle of Queensland your book came alive as I thought about where we were and had been your book went up there in the OMG can’t wait to get the rest of your books as you really do understand the off beat roads, Thank you for giving me so much reading pleasure.

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