New title!

Deadlines – no, thats not my new title, but it’s the reason its been vewy, vewy quiet around here.

However, had to come and announce the title of the book I’m madly working on now. It’s the third Dungirri book, it’s scheduled for publication in April September next year, and it will be called:

Darkening Skies

Those of you who’ve been anxiously waiting for Mark’s story will be pleased to hear that this is it 🙂



2 thoughts on “New title!

  1. Yes! can’t wait for this book to be available. I think Bronny, you should keep the series alife, even though it meant for a trilogy, but can we change that? I loooove this series very much. Thanks for bringing the country town and life alife for city girl like me. its so real, as if i’m living there with Kris, or Mark… 🙂

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