Why don’t they just go read a good book instead of spending their time spamming web sites?

There is currently a deluge of spam comments. I’ve got all comments on moderation at present so they’re not showing up to readers, but it’s a pain going through and deleting them from the moderation queue.

Oh, well, the blog needed an upgrade and refresh anyway. I hope using a different theme instead of the common one might reduce the spammage. So my apologies in advance if things look a little strange around here while I’m putting in a new design.

And there’ll be more interesting posts – book launches! Library visits! Bookshop visits! – coming very soon, just as soon as I’ve put a reasonable anti-spam solution in place.

In the mean time, here’s a couple of photos of what’s been happening here lately: close encounters with an inquisitive joey!

Pippin the border collie meets a kangaroo joey through the window Skye the border collie watching a kangaroo joey just outside the window