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Seven days, 1760+ kilometres, and six events . . . I arrived home from the second half of my Storm Clouds tour yesterday afternoon, tired but very happy! It was wonderful to be on the road, driving through parts of rural Australia, seeing familiar and new landscapes, and meeting heaps of old friends and new ones.

I’m home just in time for theΒ Australia Day long weekend, and for the Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop, hosted by Shelleyrae at the Book’d Out blog. I’ve ‘known’ Shelleyrae online for a few years, but on Thursday I was delighted to meet her in person, at the book signing at Manning Valley Books in Wingham.

Bronwyn Parry and Shelleyrae

Shelleyrae has been coordinating the Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop for a few years now, and it’s a great way to celebrate Australian books and to discover new authors – and to be in with a chance to win books!

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I’m going to give away two copies of Storm Clouds! For Australian residents, if you’re one of the winners I’ll send a signed, print copy of the book. Due to the high costs of overseas postage from Australia, I’m not able to post books outside Australia, however, international readers can still enter, and if you win, I’ll send an ebook of Storm Clouds through one of the major e-book retailers (amazon, kobo, apple.)

To enter, comment on this post and share one of your favourite places in Australia; if you’re from overseas and not (yet) visited, tell us one of the places you’d like to see in this huge and beautiful country!

(Please note that due to getting lots of spam, comments on the blog are moderated, and your comment won’t appear straight away.)

Entries close at midnight on Tuesday January 27, Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time.Β I’ll draw the winners on Wednesday and notify them by email.

There are many, many places I love in Australia. I wish that photographs could truly capture the sense of a place; the sounds, the scents, the context and the people.

Here, though, is one of my favourites – one of the paths that Tansy and I walk most mornings, through the trees on our block, a few hundred metres from our house. There are often wallabies and kangaroos around, birds in the trees, the tiny blossoms of native flowers, and the sunlight dances with the shadows of the leaves.

Path through the eucalypts



63 thoughts on “Australia Day Book Giveaway Blog Hop

  1. I’d love to win your latest book, Bron.
    I love country Australia and have several favourite places, including the Dandenong Ranges where we live with our furry family. It is a country lifestyle yet only an hour from Melbourne. Aside from the magnificent walks through the national parks, in our own garden we enjoy an amazing array of birds, bunnies that play together, occasional echidna visits and more.

    • One of my favourite places is our Capitol Canberra always plenty to do and see i would love t win copy of your book

    • Sandi, the Dandenongs are magical, aren’t they? I lived until I was 6 in Boronia; even now when I go back out that way the first glimpse of the mountain still moves me.

    • Dale, despite living in Canberra for 20 years, I’ve never actually been to Jervis Bay. I must remedy that sometime! I did live in Sydney for almost two years – and the harbour is stunning. It almost makes up for the traffic πŸ™‚

  2. The forest in Jarrahdale, in the hills south of Perth is one of my favourite places. I have wonderful childhood memories of wandering among the huge Jarrah trees and along the clear cool streams. Simply wonderful!

    • Ceri, I haven’t explored much of WA yet – only a few brief trips to Perth and a couple of days at Margaret River. I’d love to spend more time there some day.

  3. What a lovely idea for a giveaway. I recently discovered the area near Albury, NSW and Wodonga, VIC on a recent roadtrip between Sydney and Melbourne. This lovely area, straddling the Murray River, is a picturesque family getaway with fantastic play areas for the little ones and great food, including an amazing cafe with the best bacon and egg sandwich I’ve ever eaten! Thanks for the opportunity to share ideas and enter your contest!

    • Stephanie, my Dad loved the rivers of north-east Victoria. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Albury-Wodonga – we usually just pass through – but G and I have had some lovely get-aways at Beechworth. We haven’t been for a while though – must go back!

  4. My favourite Place to visit is Lennox Head. A beautiful seaside town just south of Byron Bay. Picturesque and peaceful. But Shhhhhh! Don’t tell too many people.

  5. My favourite place to visit is the small islands off Brisbane’s bay- Russell, Lamb etc, peaceful places with not much traffic and no high rises.

    • Wendy, that’s an area I don’t know at all. In fact, I’ve only been to Brisbane a few times and haven’t explored much in the region. I should remedy that – probably in the winter, when it’s not too hot and humid!

  6. Too many fave places in Australia to choose from but I would have to say …. My home. In country Western Australia with the family . What more could you wish for.

  7. Too many fave places in Australia to choose from but I would have to say …. My home. In country Western Australia with the family . What more could you wish for…. Hmmm it didn’t like my first entry so here’s take two! If the other does show up I apologise

    • Kylie, your first entry did work but I have to moderate comments because of spammers, so it took a little while to show. Home and family – they’re definitely the best places aren’t they!

    • Marcia, I’m so pleased that you enjoyed Storm Clouds! Thank you for taking the time to let me know and for recommending it πŸ™‚

  8. Hard to pick just one favourite place in Australia but Montville, in the Sunshine Coast hinterland I love … waterfalls and rainforest, streams. bush land and wildlife. And Rainbow Beach is a big fave too.
    Would love, love, love to read Storm Clouds. Thanks for the giveaway Bronwyn and Happy Australia Day πŸ™‚

    • Teddyree, I like the coast but I love the hinterland – right down the length of the Great Dividing Range! The hills rising form the coastal plains, the forests and rainforests, the stream and rivers gradually widening πŸ™‚ I’ve not been into the Sunshine Coast hinterland much (yet) but I’m sure it’s beautiful!

  9. Hi there Bronwyn,
    I am a massive fan of your books.
    My favourite Australian place, is basically anywhere up in the bush. But to be more specific, my all time favourite place to go is to our holiday house east of Wilsons Prom, Victoria. It has such a natural setting with camping, fishing, long walking tracks and a tonne of native wildlife, with a half decent beach close by.
    Thank you for providing me with hours of entertainment.

    • Melissa, I’ve only been to the Prom once as an adult, but when I was tiny we used to go camping there. So it’s always been part of my awareness,if not a great deal of experience of it. It’s on my (long) list of places to revisit! It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoy my books – thank you!

    • Ashfa, the Flinders Ranges are stunning! We’ve been a few times, and usually stay at Arkaroola in the northern ranges, and at Rawnsley Park near Wilpena Pound in the southern part of the ranges. They’re amazing landscapes,and well worth visiting!

  10. One of my favourite places here in Australia is a portion of waterfalls kind of close to where I live (about an hour or so away). They’re so beautiful and surrounding, there are all sorts of bushlands that one can walk through.

    • Catherine, waterfalls are wonderful! There are a fair few around my area – or at least, there are when we’ve had good rain!

  11. I feel weird saying this after everyone else’s beautiful descriptions of rural locations in Australia, but I love the area near where I live, in Coburg, and particularly along Sydney Road. I’m an urban girl, and I love the way I can walk five kilometres along this road and there are people of every possible nationality, hijabs in every imaginable style or colour, beards ranging from hipster to very traditional, amazing food from Turkey, Italy, Greece, India, Thailand, Afghanistan, Spain, Pakistan, France, Lebanon, and more, as well as a whole little hub of vegan and vegetarian places down in Brunswick, and so many languages spoken on the streets and in the shops and the trams. To me, it’s like all of Australia’s glorious diversity all compressed into one package – socio-economic diversity, too, because there are the urban-greenie types, the working class immigrants of my parents’ generation, the students, and people in suits on their way to work. I feel so lucky to live here, and have felt so much at home since the very first day I moved to this side of town, seventeen years ago.

    • Yes, Catherine – urban living does have its delights. I was brought up in Richmond, lived in Moreland first years of married life, and have been in Canberra for nearly 50 years. But, every year or so I need a transfusion of city life. Back to Melbourne for a week or so, and walks down main streets. Richmond has changed too much – familiar buildings taken over either by yuppies, or by business; but Brunswick/Coburg has so much life, especially Sydney Road!

    • Catherine, we lived for a couple of years in Glebe, in inner Sydney, and like you I loved the vibrant, multicultural community feel. And the cafes and restaurants – we used to eat out at least twice a week, and would often stroll up to Glebe Point Road for coffee and bookshopping on Sundays. Now we’re back in the bush, and I love it and don’t really miss the city – but every now and then I wish I could just stroll down the road to a cafe πŸ™‚

  12. I’m still exploring all the lovely bush where we live in rural NSW, not one day is ever exactly the same and that’s kind of nice. Depending on the time of day, things can looks so different. I often walk past the wonderful fields of the yellow Canola, the cattle just doing ‘nothing’ and the sight of little rabbits hopping across the road in front of me, just makes me wonder why we never made the move to the bush a lot sooner. Have a wonderful Australia Day.

    • Michelle, you’re so right about things looking different depending on time of day – and weather! We’ve been here almost 14 years now and it still fascinates me seeing the changes and learning more about the environment around me.

  13. My favourite place would have to be where I live North Queensland. I love the tropical nights, the relief of the wet season and the beautiful warm sunny summers. I love how people are so laid back and don’t stress. We are blessed to lead a life of enjoying the outdoors with our children. There’s nothing more spectacular than being by the ocean, fishing snorkling and being awed by the sea creatures. We live in Townsville.

    • I’ve not (yet) been to Townsville, Terese, but I must get there some day! So many people love it πŸ™‚

  14. I love where I live in North Queensland. The tropical balmy nights followed by the relief of the wet season. The warm sunny winters where the ocean glimmers like jewels. The way people are so laid back and don’t stress. We are blessed to live an outdoors lifestyle. Swimming, snorkling and exploring the beach with my family. The cool streams to swim in to relieve the hot stickiness of summer when the rains fall.The wonders of the sea creatures, turtles, dolphins, sea cows. I love living in Townsville.

  15. I haven’t been to many places so can not pick one more over the other but I have to say that we have the most amazing and beautiful beaches all around us. No matter where you are in the world we are all connected by the water.

    • Ann-Marie, you’re right about water connecting us. Although I live a long way from a beach, the rain that falls here on top (almost) of the range flows east through the creeks to the Macleay River and to the sea. Australia does have beautiful beaches – I don’t get to the coast often enough but I love walking along a beach!

  16. My favourite little piece of Australia is ‘My Home’ we have gum trees, wattle and bottle brush. We laugh with the kookaburras and have had a visit from a nearby koala. No we don’t live in the bush or in the outback…we are in a regional Victorian city.

    • Colleen, that’s what I loved about growing up in Canberra – plenty of wildlife around! It’s wonderful that so many towns and cities in Australia aren’t concrete jungles πŸ™‚

  17. I’ve actually read and blogged about Storm Clouds already. As for my fave places, I have to say my current hometown (area) on the Fraser Coast in Queensland makes me very happy indeed.


    • Deb, I don’t know the Queensland coast very well at all – but I’ve heard good things about the Fraser coast. I must do a trip along the coast sometime – although it will have to be in winter, because I’m not so good with heat and humidity!

  18. Sunshine Coast in Queensland.
    So much to offer with the wonderful beaches, shopping for those that need to spend money (lol), and wonderful bush walks, waterfalls, mountain climbs, etc

    • Anna, when I was very young we had a holiday on the sunshine coast – I suspect it’s changed a bit in the years since then! But I know the beaches and the hinterland are lovely.

  19. I live in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and I love it. I feel so grateful to live in the place I love. (My friends think I’m odd, I love sitting on the grass near the beach reading, I don’t love the sand!)

    • I confess I prefer grass to sand, Kim! Walking along wet sand at the water’s edge in barefeet is wonderful, but I’m not so keen on the dry sand that gets everywhere!

  20. My favourite place of all time in Australia is Apollo Bay – it’s my ‘second home’ and I was fortunate enough to spent almost two weeks down there at the start of the month. Its the best of Australia all in once place, you have the ocean, the beaches, the bush, farm lands all in one perfect place. Visiting there always makes me feel very grounded

  21. Hi Bron, no need to enter me in the draw as I’ve already read and loved Storm Clouds! Whoever wins is in for a treat πŸ™‚

    My favourite place in Australia? Bobbing at anchor somewhere around our wonderful coastline. There are simply too many places to chose!!

    • I love thinking of you and Capt G bobbing at anchor, Helene! I’d love to sail along the coastline . . . but sadly, my G goes green at the mere thought of a boat, so our romantic adventures take place on land πŸ™‚

  22. Hi Bron

    Instead of picking the best I thought I’d tell you I just finished relaxing at Bribie Island north of Brisbane as I have done for over 20 years at this time of the year and enjoyed it just as much as the first time we visited. I love the fact that it is so ideal for children and now grandchildren and rarely is crowded – especially where we set up base. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the giveaway.

  23. Back in the mid 80’s I travelled around Australia – my two favourite places were The Kimberleys and Esperance! Both beautiful in completely different ways

  24. Hi Bronwyn. I saw Ceri’s comment about Jarrahdale and I have to say, my husband would totally agree with that as his favourite place. I love it too, but being a person from “over east” (even though I’ve lived here 13 years), the Blue Mountains still has a hold on me, especially up near Katoomba, Leura and Blackheath way.

    • Monique, I think that places we’ve lived do keep a hold of us; although I love where I live now, I still have warm memories and an attachment to Canberra and the east of Melbourne. The Blue mountains are beautiful!

  25. Thanks for the opportunity, Bronwyn. My favourite place is a little fishing village on the shores of Lake Eucumbene called Angler’s Reach. In the evening, wallabies and kangaroos bound down to the shore to drink. The hillsides are covered in snow gum forests where wombats and echidnas thrive. The rainbow trout are also plenitful – as are the snakes!

    • Elizabeth, you tempt me to go fishing!There’s something about a still lake, and evening light, and the wildlife emerging from the bush, and the little tell-tale signs of fish on the water . . . πŸ™‚

  26. My magical place would be Yallingup
    Western Australia it has everything, sea cliffs, forest, ferns and beautiful weather πŸ™‚ great place to loose myself in a great novel xx

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