The emotion of a romance and the intensity of a suspense plot, in the drama of the Australian landscape – this is the rich combination that my books explore.

Three of my five books are set in the same (fictional) community of Dungirri and are loosely-linked. Two books are set in the (fictional) district of Goodabri, and are very loosely linked. However, each book stands alone and it’s not necessary to read them all in order, although I’ve noted the order below for readers who like to follow chronologically.

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As Darkness Falls (Dungirri #1)

As Darkness Falls by Bronwyn Parry - Australian cover As Darkness Falls by Bronwyn Parry - UK cover Schwarze Dornen (As Darkness Falls) by Bronwyn Parry - 2010 German cover Schwarze Dornen (As Darkness Falls) by Bronwyn Parry - 2011 German cover

(Hachette Australia September, 2008; Piatkus UK, September 2009; Blanvalet, Germany, May 2010 and December 2011)

Dark Country (Dungirri #2)

Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry - Australian cover Cover (B format) - Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry Dark Country by Bronwyn Parry - UK cover Cover for Buschfeuer by Bronwyn Parry
(Hachette Australia September, 2009 and March 2012; Piatkus UK, April 2010; Blanvalet, Germany, 2013)

Darkening Skies (Dungirri #3)

Cover of Darkening Skies by Bronwyn Parry

(Hachette Australia September, 2013)

Dead Heat (Goodabri #1)

Cover - Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry DeadHeatBFormatfinal310H Stiny horkého léta

(Hachette Australia April, 2012 and August 2013; Czech edition Alpress October 2013)

Storm Clouds (Goodabri #2)

Cover of Storm Clouds by Bronwyn Parry

(Hachette Australia January 2015)

Sunset Shadows (Goodabri #3)

Cover of Sunset Shadows by Bronwyn Parry

(Hachette Australia August 2016)

The North Wind: A Dungirri Christmas Novella

Cover - The North Wind

(Firetail Press December 2016)